About Us

AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC has evolved as a result of the existing dedicated collaboration among regional primary care physicians,
specialty physicians, as well as long-standing relationships with pertinent community medical providers in a coordinated care
environment. AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC originated from the development of independent physician groups across south Texas over the
past year. The purpose of AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC expands upon that of the IPA purpose in that it is a unified group of committed
physicians seeking improved ways to collaborate with other medical providers to provide high quality outcomes for their patients.

AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC believes that physicians should be solely responsible for the care of their patients through
education and advocacy and work in collaboration with other medical providers to ensure that Medicare Fee-For-Service
Beneficiaries are receiving high quality care in the most efficient meaningful way. The objectives of AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC are to
empower the participating physicians with the technologically advanced information technology, infrastructure, and
integration, and to have immeasurable value to Medicare Beneficiaries through these processes, not only results in
improved health outcomes, but also improved and faster access to care for patients.

AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC is governed primarily by the same physicians that are providing care in the ACO. Additionally,
a Medicare Beneficiary from the service area is on the Governing Body to provide insight into what the needs and desires
are of the Medicare Beneficiaries themselves. The administration of AmpliPHY ACO Number 3, LLC is provided by a Committee of
individuals that includes over 100 years of combined care coordination and administration from medical, accounting and
financial, to legal and outreach services.

Please feel free to contact our offices for further information.

ACO Name and Location
AmpliPHY ACO Number 3 LLC
8900 E.F. Lowery Expressway, Suite A
Texas City, TX 77591

ACO Primary Contact
Walt Crowder